Why Not Take Her To Court

This post was published in April 2013. Ian has been aware since day one. He has had the freedom to take me to court for imagined injustices. He knows my married name and where I reside. Yet, no lawsuit.
I can only imagine the derogatory things said about me in his defense. I’m aware of some of his allegations. My favorite is the one where my mother is a computer programmer who taught me how to hack computers. My mother died back in 1993 and was a Nurse. Next, his wife stated my children hate me. This coming from the women who Ian stated, “He walks all over is mother.” My husband and I have done so well with our children that BOTH of our kids are pre-med students. And yes, they love and respect both me and my husband. Enough with what he and she said. Like any victim, the accused resorts to criminalizing the victim. Actions speak louder than words. This entire post is here to stay for a reason. If even one sentence was false, Ian would be in court me right now.